July 2017
Photographers for Smile Project in the World  

  Over the years Smile Project in the World has benefited from the collaboration of some professional photographers who have offered their skills for free to support the Association. Their images help sustain and promote the activity of the Association. They have also contributed to the realisation of photographic exhibitions and of publications aimed at enlarging the fundraising for the sustenance of the project.

  Alberto Peroli

Born in Bra (CN) in 1976, since the school years he began his apprenticeship by following his father, professional photographer.

In 1998 he moved to Milan, where he worked as a freelance photographic assistant, with renowned specialists like Giovanni Gastel, Sergio Caminata, Emilio Casi, Marino Parisotto Vay, Raoul Zini e Joe Oppedisano.
Alberto alternated his work in the studio with many trips to Iceland, United States, Germany, France, Austria, Arab Emirates, North Africa, Seychelles.

In 2001 he met Guido Harari and became his assistant. A year later he participated, together with Harari, in a trip to Bangladesh. Thus began his collaboration with the surgeon Andrea Di Francesco, president of Smile Project in the World NPO.

In 2003 he returned to Bangladesh to realise his first photographic reportage at the Saint Mary Sick Assistance Centre of Khulna. This experience touched him deeply and marked for him a stylistic evolution favoured by the intense collaboration with the international Association Smile Project in the World NPO.

In 2004 he collaborated with Slow Food Editor, for which he realised diverse photographic services dedicated to the culture of food.

In December of the same year, given the yearly presentation of the activity of Smile Project in the World NPO, his images on Bangladesh were shown in Milan. The pictures were later published in the catalogue “So close… So distant”.

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  Guido Harari

He is one of the main Italian portraitists. He signed diverse sleeves of albums for artists like Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, BB King, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Franz Zappa, Claudio Baglioni, Paolo Conte, Pino Daniele, Fabrizione de André, Vasco Rossi. Guido realises books and exhibitions and works since years in the fields of reportage, of institutional portrait and of advertising.

During the mission in Bangladesh in 2002, together with the medical team of Smile Project in the World, he realised a photographic reportage at the Hospital Saint Mary Sick Assistance Centre of Khulna. His images, together with the texts written by the journalist Stefania Ragusa, gave life to the book "Khulna Bangladesh", dedicated to the project of the Association.

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  Francesca Ambrosini

Francesca Ambrosini, 37 anni, nata a Tirano, Sondrio.
Dopo la laurea in lingue e letterature straniere, intraprende la strada del giornalismo.
Professionista dal 2002, lavora alla Provincia di Sondrio, Antennatre e da 10 anni a Mediaset, prima al Tg4 poi a Tgcom 24.
Da sempre innamorata dei viaggi e del mondo, nel 2004 la prima esperienza come volontaria in India a Calcutta. Scopre la passione per la fotografia che coltiva negli anni successivi in modo amatoriale. Dopo Calcutta, Addis Abeba in Etiopia. Nel 2007, in occasione di un'intervista, l'incontro con il Dottor Andrea Di Francesco e il team di Progetto Sorriso.
Nel 2008, parte con loro per il Congo, destinazione la regione del Kivu. Documenta con fotografie e filmati il lavoro nell'Ospedale di Uvira. Al ritorno, realizza servizi per il Tg4, presentazioni e una mostra fotografica per raccogliere fondi.
Crede nel "mal d Africa" perch├ę ' lo ha provato.
Spera che il suo bimbo - in futuro - possa vivere tutto questo.

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 Raul Zini

Born in Milan on February 22nd, 1947, Raul Zini began his activity as assistant to different photographers and later moved on to work on TV at the headquarters of RAI channel in Milan. He then worked for ten years in the field of cinematography as camera production assistant and cooperates in various TV shows.

Afterwards he worked in TV news and collaborated in the production of reports and of current affairs documentaries, as well as of interviews of high-profile political figures. At the age of 29, he decided to leave TV and devote himself to photography.

He opened his own studio and record label, where he realised different advertisement videos for companies like “ELISABET ARDEN-PARMALAT-SLOGGY” among others. He started to work with the best advertising agencies of Milan and from there moved onto fashion photography with different publishing houses, like “MONDADORI-RUSCONI-RIZZOLI-CONDE’ NAST”.

Meanwhile he collaborated with clients such as “GOLDEN LADY-LA PERLA-FABER-ZETAZUKKI-JENZEN-CHICCO-CAMOMILLA-ECC.” Now he keeps on working for fashion and advertising. He alternates his activity with humanitarian photography, like in the case of Progetto Sorriso nel Mondo.

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Progetto Sorriso nel Mondo- ONLUS  
International association for the treatment and cure of cranio-facial malformations and deformities in developing countries.

Progetto Sorriso nel Mondo (Smile Project in the World) is a non-profit organisation that operates in Bangladesh since 1997, in Africa (Congo and Burundi) since 2005, and in Guatemala since 2008. It deals mainly with the correction of facial disfigurements and the healing of burns.

Each year Smile Project returns to these countries and operates always in the same hospital and always in the same period of year. In this way, the association offers a point of reference and source of hope for hundreds of dispossessed people.
Smile Project realises every year three missions in Bangladesh, one mission in Africa (Congo and Burundi) and one in Guatemala.

The association, now recognised internationally, is exclusively formed of volunteers who offer professional skills and competences, each one according to their individual ability. Over time, Smile Project has decided that it is of fundamental importance to also sustain projects of a social character, like the construction of a house for homeless children and a shelter for the children of women imprisoned in the jail of Jessore, in Bangladesh.

You can sustain the association with donations and contributions (tax-deductible). Bank details:
IBAN IT 40 J 03111 01626 000000012200
addressed to Progetto Sorriso nel Mondo - ONLUS, UBI Banca Ag. 124 C.so di P.ta Ticinese n.1 20123 Milano.

Via Torino 61,
20123 Milano
CF. 97318210156

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